Alternatives To Google Ads That Offer Manual Payment Options

Want to take control of your advertising budget? Check out these alternatives to Google Ads that offer manual payment options.

Published On 28/12/2020
Updated On 10/05/2023

Category: Paid Advertising
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In 2017 Google quietly phased out manual payments in selected countries. Since then, all new accounts are required to use alternative payment options to pay for Google Ads. This post explains the different payment options in Google Ads and alternative paid advertising platforms that offer manual payment options.

What is manual payment in Google Ads?

Manual payment allows advertisers to prepay a set amount into their Google Ads account. After you’ve made this payment, your ads will run as normal. Your ads will stop running once you’ve used up the prepaid amount. There are many benefits to using manual payment, including:

  1. Full control over your paid advertising spend
  2. You have a set budget for paid advertising
  3. An extra layer of protection against campaign overdelivery

Google Ads offers two payment options for new accounts:

Automatic payment – Automatic payment requires you to put in your card details so you can start running your ads immediately. Your card will be charged automatically when you reach your specified payment threshold. 

Monthly invoicing – To qualify for monthly invoicing you need to meet certain criteria, including spending over £5000 (variable by country) a month. If you qualify then Google Ads can extend a line of credit to you and send you an invoice at the end of the month.

Which PPC Platforms Accept Manual Payments?

Google stopped accepting manual payment options in 2017. However, there are a few PPC platforms that still offer manual payment options:

  1. Microsoft Advertising
  2. Facebook Ads

Microsoft Advertising 

Microsoft Advertising, formerly Bing Ads, gives you the option to choose manual payment options, also called prepay. You can set up prepay auto recharge if you’re worried about funds running out. This automatically tops up your account when your funds are running low. 

With Microsoft Advertising you’re not only paying to appear on Bing, AOL and Yahoo. You can also appear on sites across the syndicated search partners network, such as or

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads offers manual payment options. However, you need to select how you want to pay when you first set up your account. You can’t change from automatic to manual payments once you’ve chosen, so make sure you consider your options carefully. 

With Facebook Ads you can be very niche in your targeting and get some great results. Don’t forget, you can also advertise on Instagram through Facebook Ads too!

To conclude

There are some great alternatives to Google Ads that still offer manual payment options. The Google Ads network is becoming increasingly competitive meaning reduced profits for you, and bigger profits for Google. Take charge of your advertising budget and consider alternatives that accept manual payments.